We feel we need to warn every mariner before going to Cuba with his/her yacht. We left our 48 ft yacht in Marina Hemingway for a paintjob after being convinced by both the management at the Marina as well as the Yachtclub in the Marina, that this would be perfectly safe. The paintjob was so-so, it was not done on schedule and lots of items were stolen when we came to pick it up.(VCR, phone, fishing gear, tools, clothing, shoes, kitchenware and much more) Since the Marina literally have hundreds of guards on duty at all times, it was pretty obvious an inside job. Shit happens everywhere, but the absolute lack of interest from the Marina to investigate is probably typical of what you can expect if something happens to you on Cuba. Even worse than the theft was what we learned from somebody at the village outside the Marina, local girls had been onboard for some dubious purpose when the yacht was stored at the yard!


Don't go there, you are exposing yourself to all kind of harassment and nobody will care at all! Your insurance will not cover anything and the "insurance" that the Marina is telling you that they carry is worthless.


Marina Hemingway is owned by the Cuban Government through Cubanacan. Think twice before using this "company" for anything.